Simply Giving

Trinity Lutheran Church and School participates in the "Simply Giving" program, endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank. What is the Simply Giving Program? The Simply Giving Program is a modern-day stewardship program.

It's a convenient, safe and simple way for individuals to make automatic payments to non-profit organizations through electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from checking or savings accounts. It's easy to sign up, and easy to change. It's a great way to make your offering to Trinity on a regular, ongoing basis, and not have to remember to write a check every week or month. You can choose how much to give, and when the gifts are transferred. You can designate all or portions of your offering for special programs such as "Stepping Out of the Boat." How do you get started? You can ask for a form at the church office, or you can download and print this one:  Simply Giving Form